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katja_karasu's Journal

13 November
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Greetings... My name is Chrissy.
I am, that is all… I just am.
I am Female
I am complication
I am creation
I am destruction
I am purity
I am heresy
I am an attempt at beauty
I am seduction
I am demure
I am caring
I am confusing
I am passion
I am love
I am leisure
I am a constant
I am a walking contradiction
I am pain
I am relief
I am shadow
I am the same candle from whose light said shadow was cast
I am your beautiful disaster
I am the thorn in your side
I try to be good
I am loud
I am quite hilarious at 3 am
I am a friend
I am a lover
I am life
I am death
I am Agape
I am me…
i am all about:
art, dance, music, reading, writing, love, people, film, theatre, improv, peanut butter is my blood... cameras, air guitar in the shower...or anywhere for that matter, hugs, kisses, laughter, throwing sour patch kids in movie theatres, the colour "cranberry", soccer, mosh pits, stage diving, piercings, tattoos, blowing bubbles in the middle of the street, faeries, vampires, listening to music on people's myspace pages..., people watching, eavesdropping, agape, psychology, listening to people, rain
i also love most things associated with Japan (anime, clothing styles such as J-Goth/Gothic Lolita, Samuri, (and Ninja too), martial arts, geishas, silk paintings, kanji, the language, cherry blossoms... you get the picture...) i myself am not Japanese, and i hope my curiousity, slight obsession and romanticized ideal regarding the culture and people doesn't offend anyone.
oh man... holy crap that was a lot...