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doll house
sill alive am i.
within societal norms, naked, bare.
a living doll walking this circular square
surrounding the beating song of my heart: the doll house...
having no room to breathe within isolation for so long i feel
the roof begin to descend until the end of the hallway
pushes against my tongue and
i'm choking on words i never thought i could say
to you, to
squeezing past the carpeted lies of velvet dreams and black eyes,
she looks up past the skylight: a reflection of my fantasy and,
an echo of our paralleled reality, to see, but
i still don't understand how you followed me...
down the staircase
across the lawn
ascend through twilight and dance across dawn
i didn't know the door was open in your arms
and could so easily lock behind me
just in case the world decided to be a bitch...
protection in flesh bound planks built with care.
but what i do know
within these dark halls as night time falls across your mischievous eyes
my heart finds home and hearth as your soul calls to mine.
open the door to my doll house...
secrets are the candles that light your way into my mind
my heart
my soul... and once you count them all i'm sure you'll find me
down the hall
a living doll ready to be yours to call


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